Saturday, April 3, 2010

27 March 2010 FrAG (Frederick Area Gamers) Tournament (Intro)

The 3167th is a “Revenant” regiment, nominally part of a Necromundan founding (and indeed, the largest single portion of the regiment is the several platoons of Underhive gangers that still makes up its infantry core), but consisting of orphaned squads and platoons from dozens of different, nearly annihilated Imperial Guard units.  As a result, the regiment is a constantly changing hodge-podge of traditions, uniforms, equipment, and units, but nevertheless an effective fighting unit due to the experience of the battle-hardened survivors that make up its highly diverse ranks.

3167th Necromunda “Revenants” (2000 pts)
  • Company Commander with Fleet Officer, Standard, 2 Bodyguards
  • 2x Platoon Command with 2 Meltas, each in Chimera with turret Heavy Flamer
  • 6x IG Infantry squads (3 per platoon) – 3xMissile, 2xLascannon, 1xAutocannon
  • 4x Autocannon Heavy Weapon Squads
  • x3 Scout Sentinels with Autocannon (in squadron)
  • Hellhound
  • Exterminator with three Heavy Bolters and Pask
  • 2x Executioner with Plasma sponsons and hull Lascannon

What did I bring?
After having fielded a basically unpainted Sisters of Battle army in two successive tournaments, I decided to change things up for this FrAG tournament.  It’s much nicer for opponents to face a fully painted army, after all.  My initial thought was to field a re-worked Slann (proxy Tau Empire) army list, with fewer Fire Warriors and with some converted Kroot and Piranhas making up the extra points, but I ran into a problem: I just didn’t have the desire to finish the painting in time.  Oh well.

Fortunately, I have several fully painted armies, including over 6,000 points of fully painted Imperial Guardsmen – I’ve been playing Warhammer 40K for a  looooong time, and Imperial Guard has been my army of choice for many years.  So I dug around my collection and threw together a list that (a) had all the autocannons I owned, shoe-horned into it, (b) was infantry heavy, and yet still (c) easy enough to transport and set-up without worrying too much about finding enough cover for every model.

My compromise was to “fill up” a good chunk of points with vehicles.  In a previous tournament, I had faced an Imperial Guard army list fielding two Executioner tanks, and had been very impressed at how effective and versatile they were.  Although I’m a bit of a Plasma-Cannon skeptic, I saw firsthand what two tanks capable of firing FIVE Plasma-Cannon shots each could do: shred light and heavy infantry, as well as light vehicles.  As a result, I decided to include two Executioners in my list (using old Conqueror turrets as proxies – the Conqueror variant no longer being available in 40K games).

I also fielded an Exterminator with Pask, as the BS4 really makes the Exterminator quite nasty.  As an added bonus, even with the Pask upgrade, the tank is still the cheapest Leman Russ hull I’m fielding, and it meant that I got to use not only my Exterminator, but also the nifty Tank Commander turret I had in my collection.

With only two painted Chimeras in my collection (the other four are assembled, but unpainted), this meant that I would be a relatively static force, but with some old-school (Rogue-Trader era!) Sentinels to round things out, I hoped that I’d have enough mobility to at least contest objectives if I needed to.  Ah, famous last words…!

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