Da Orcboy's Scorecard

The previous incarnation of this webpage ran for about six years on the Warmonger Club website, but real life and other commitments conspired to end that version of my gaming journal.  I kept a running tally of my victories and losses, as well as my various opponents.  In the spirit of that now-defunct webpage, I've created here something similar for this new journal.

Victories: 35             Draws: 12                Losses: 14

(as of 26 November 2011)

Warhammer 40K Armies:
3167th Necromunda (Imperial Guard): +1=1-1
Slann Expeditionary Force (Tau): +13=2-5
Swingin' Sisters of Battle: +8=2-4
Techno-recidivists of the Eastern Fringe (Chaos Daemons): +3=1-0
Tyranid Warrior Swarm: +1=0-0

Warhammer Ancients Armies:
Cilician Armenia (Playtest): +2=0-0
Duchy of Burgundy: +4=1-1
Nubian Kingdom of Meroe +5=5-3


Warhammer 40K opponents:
25x Victories: Blood Angels, Chaos SM (x4), Dark Angels, IG (x6), Inquisition, Marines, Necrons (x2), Orks (x2), Sisters (x3), Space Wolves, Tau, Tyranids (x3)
5x Draws: IG (x2), Tyranids (x3), Space Wolves
10x Losses: Chaos SM (x2), Eldar (x3), Marines, Tyranids (x4)

Warhammer Ancients opponents:
11x Victories: Byzantines, Ottomans (x2), Sassanids (x2), Saxons (x3), Scots, Teutonics (x2)
6x Draws: Byzantines, Early Roman Empire (x2), Greeks, Roman Republic, Teutonics
5x Losses: Low Countries, Macedonians, Samurai, Spartacus-era Romans (x2)