Saturday, April 3, 2010

27 March 2010 FrAG (Frederick Area Gamers) Tournament (Postscript)

Although I always enjoy participating in the FrAG and Inner Circle tournaments in Glen Burnie, I had a particularly good time in this tournament.  I faced three knowledgeable and extremely sporting opponents, all with distinctive and flavorful armies, and got a chance to field an old standby of mine (Imperial Guard) using the latest codex.  Guard are still quite shooty, and infantry guard are still very static and somewhat brittle – but much more effective in the current edition and codex than I feared they might be.  They're almost certainly going back into semi-retirement for the time being, but my Imperial Guard can now be certain that they can field a competitive list that I can credibly play at need; a good thing to know, particularly if I ever manage to begin regular club play again.

My Guard finished +1=1-1 at the tournament, and placed 8th out of 18 total, about right for how I did overall.  About the only gripe I could have about this tournament was my painting score – I earned 8 points out of 15, for an army that was fully painted AND heavily converted.  I earned fewer points than some partially unpainted and WIP armies (!), so I’m not sure exactly how this particular bit was scored.  That said, it’s not really a big deal, as I didn’t expect to win the event, and certainly had a great time against some class opponents, an experience I wouldn’t trade for just a few more points in the tournament.  I mean, honestly, what’s the difference between 6th or 7th place, and 8th (where I placed)?

About half the armies at this tournament (10 of 18) were Marine or Marine variants (including three Space Wolves, one Blood Angels, and two very vicious Chaos Marine armies), and there were a good mix of Xenos armies in attendance as well – three Nids, two Tau, and an Eldar player.  No Inquisition armies in this tournament, and the overall winner was a heavily mechanized Guard list.  Go, guard!

As for the future, in the next few months, I plan to keep working on revising my Slann (proxy Tau Empire) army list, and to begin putting paint to my Sisters of Battle immolator list.  I’ll probably take my time on the second project, however, as I understand that the Inquisition codex is due out later this calendar year, or possibly early in 2011.  I’ll keep tweaking and practicing with what I have now, but try not to get too locked into a single army design just months before a new codex comes out.

Thanks again to my three excellent opponents – Tien, Tim, and Marc – and to my earnest and hard-working hosts (and tourney organizers) at the Frederick Area Gamers.  I’ll be sure to keep coming down to Maryland and participating in tournaments, so long as you guys continue to put together such amiable and friendly competitive events.

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  1. I too really enjoyed the tournament. There is something nice about a smaller scale tournament.
    Sucks about your painting score. Your army looked good and there were a lot classic miniatures in there. I particularly loved seeing all the necromunda models.
    Yes, Guard are very competitive. Good thing you didn't go fully mech. I can't stand the mech craze, even though I am guilty myself. You had a good mix of infantry and tanks, like a guard army should.