Friday, January 1, 2010

Retrospective: 1-2 Aug ’09 Counteroffensive VI (Special Scenario)

Set-up: Pat “Sho-T Bighed” Eibel and Mike “Ryjak” (Tyranid Bug Swarm). Bringing back an oldie-but-goodie, Pat had organized a “Bug Hunt” scenario for a number of Millenium Gaters. We were invited to his fancy digs, and after much munching and schmoozing and telling of tall tales, we moved down to his spacious Gaming Room where a massive city-fight table had been laid out, chock-full of terrain…and slimy bug entry points. Each of the four allies-by-circumstance fielded 900 points of models (troops and HQ only, max 2 HQ choices and 6 Troops), and tried to kill as many bugs as possible before being overwhelmed.

What happened?
For Pat’s writeup, and the scenario rules, check out his write-up at the Jungle:

I ended up fielding:
  • 1x Shas’el with Flamer and Airburst, Multi and Target-lock
  • 2x Bodyguard with Flamer, Missile, and Multi
  • 5x 12 Fire Warriors
I took great pleasure in not placing dead last – basically, I found spots near (and behind) Kenton’s Space Dwarf models, held my finger down on the trigger, and sprayed until the Bugs ate me. I ended up with just over 100 “points”, but Kenton’s Ork-proxy army was the clear winner: he simply set up his models in cover and tore apart the Bugs as they assaulted (because as he was in cover, he got to throw loads of dice FIRST).

By the time we knocked off at some ungodly hour in the morning, Mel “Cambyses” and his DIY marine chapter “Emperor’s Wolfhounds” had gotten swarmed and munched, and the Plaguemarines fielded by Bryan “Justiciar” were being slowly ground down. My clever plan of keeping near to the Orks meant that I had one last unit of Fire Warriors still alive, but the Space Dwarves were still going strong, having still about 1/3 of their original number, and racking up more points than the rest of us combined.

With a ton of models still on the table, however, an Apocalypse-scale model still to come on, and the hour getting late, it was decided that the Space Dwarves had given one heck of an accounting before being turned into recyclable biomass.

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