Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Retrospective: 6-8 August 2010 Counteroffensive VII Postscript

A very quiet year at Counteroffensive, and a somewhat bitter taste in the mouth to end things.  All things to keep in mind for next year’s Counteroffensive, and keeping things a bit more ‘Real’.

My thought is to bring the same (or similar) lists and armies again, and try (try again) with a slightly more overt ranking of “Tasty” to “Crunchy” to “Just Plain Mean” to best calibrate to what my opponents are using or how they’re playing that day, which suggests to my mind the following hierarchy of sportliness and competitivosity:

Light & Tasty: SM Dreadnoughts
Crunchy Fun: Tyranid Warriors
Just Plain Mean: Slann (Tau)
I KEEL you: Sisters of Battle

More on this as things develop.

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