Friday, June 11, 2010

22 May 2010 “Planet Urr-Ass” Warmonger 40K Tournament (Postscript)

Given that it took place the weekend after the first round of the ‘Ard Boyz Tournament, turn-out was (kindly put) relatively low: a grand total of six players showed up for the Warmonger tournament on 22 May.  That said, I think it was an overall positive: the club space, in the basement of the Compleat Strategist, was never over-crowded, and the players were relaxed and having a pretty good time.  And despite the silly name, the missions and scoring were balanced and well thought-out, and the tournament was well-organized and well-run under the auspices of longtime Warmonger Lou (aka “Gunslinger”).

What I didn’t realize until after the tournament was over was that, apart from my two minor losses (and attendant minor victories for Jeff and George), EVERY OTHER game in the tournament (seven in total) ended in a Massacre result.  Lee ended up the overall champion with three Massacre victories, with George, Jeff and myself all clustered together: the former two with a minor and Massacre victory, and me with a Massacre (against Vinny) and two minor losses.  Had Jeff or I actually fully painted our forces, we would have been in an effective three-way tie with George for second place.

Instead, George, Jeff and I placed in that order due to quantity-of-army-fully-painted.  So for want of some paint, I came in fourth place.  Infelicitous, unlucky number four – serves me right for showing up with an unpainted army!  And for starting with a stupid move in all three of my games, too!

Big picture, I think to really “get a feel” for this Sisters of Battle list, I’ll need to put in quite a bit more practice.  As it stands, I keep making mistakes early in the game that cost me badly, and force me to try to pull out a late-game draw or victory, and only more practice and play with the army will change that – and probably more than the limited “practice” of a few tournament games every couple months. 

When it comes to army list design, however, I think I’m pretty set.  What I’m fielding already (with a few tweaks here and there, of course) can seem to handle most opponents.  The only significant change I would think about making to the list is the inclusion of Extra Armor on all the transports – mobility really is key for this list, and I should be able to scrape the points together from elsewhere to fill that need.  At higher points-values, I can either field Chimeras for the inducted Guard (whee!) or more Autocannon teams (whee!) for extra firepower – either seems to be a useful investment that provides both more firepower and objective-grabbers.

As for the painting score – well, since I’ve such an ambitious paint scheme planned for this list, I’ll probably keep getting dinged in that area, too, until I’m (eventually, after many many moons?) finished painting the force.  We’ll see how it goes on that front.  In the meantime, I’ve got another month or so to get ready for Historicon – so it’ll be all Nubians, all the time, getting them primed and painted for July.

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