Sunday, February 14, 2010

Retrospective: 17 July 2009 Historicon WAB Medievals (Postscript)

After several years’ hiatus, I was happy to return to Historicon and historical miniatures gaming, and enjoyed myself quite thoroughly at the event. I have gotten quite a bit more immersed in history since the last event (in part because of a career change), and that plus a better sleep schedule in my daily life, and fewer stresses in my work life, meant that I had far more fun in ’09 than I have had previously. I’m sure I was also a good deal more fun to face and play against, as well.

Although initially Historicon 2010 was to be located in Baltimore, MD (a decision I thought was particularly awful), widespread dissatisfaction from club members and conference regulars forced a change to Valley Forge, PA – actually even easier to get to than previously, from New York City. As a result, I expect I will be attending the 2010 Historicon and participating in the WAB tournament this coming July 8-11.

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