Thursday, December 10, 2009

7 November 2009 Woodbridge NJ Tournament (Postscript)

The quality of armies and painting, and the caliber of game play at this tournament was very high – I admit being a bit surprised at how competitive the environment was for what I had thought was a relatively casual tournament and venue. However, given the clubs in the region, and the sponsors and organizers of this tournament, I’m not too surprised – there were representatives from a number of very hard-core Northeastern gaming clubs in attendance, including the Warmongers of NYC (of which I suppose I am now a reserve member, given how little time I can find to game anymore).

I admit to being a bit unhappy with how poorly I did in my second game, but I was very pleased with the gaming skill, maturity, and knowledgebility of the people who attended. I placed in the middle of the pack out of about fifteen or sixteen players in attendance, and was generally happy by how well my army could do. I also noted how heavily mechanized everyone was (Tyranids excepted), and even saw a few rather nasty “Alpha Strike” lists, including one IG list chock-full of Vendettas and Hydras that promised all kinds of pain to those that faced it.

My first opponent, Jim, ended up winning the Player’s Choice for his amazing Sisters-of-Battle army, and my second opponent John was the eventual tournament winner. Ah, well, I’m glad that my total annihilation was helpful, and John was certainly nice enough about it.

Philosophical Musings:
After another tournament with my Slann/Tau list, and having had a repeat of the frustration that comes from trying to shoot down Plaguemarines when they get armor saves and Feel-no-Pain saves, I immediately remodeled my Ranger (Crisis) Suits to have Missile+Plasma combinations. I also dug out and cleaned up the Kroot-equivalent conversions I put together years and years ago, and which were actually the original inspiration for my Slann army theme. In 4e, of course, Kroot were pretty lousy, and as a result, I never finished up my conversions, nor painted them. But now in 5e, they may have some more uses, and I think it’s worth experimenting a little in the coming months to see if I can ‘tweak’ the army list design of my Slann a little to make that happen.

In the meantime, however, I’m headed to another tournament, this time back down south of the Mason-Dixon, courtesy of the Inner Circle gaming club of Maryland. Having had three tournaments (and one gaming event) in a row with the Slann, I’m going to start fresh with something complete different – mechanized Sisters of Battle. I’ve had the miniatures, courtesy of my younger brother and some fine fellows at the Millenium Gate Messageboard, for many years now, but I haven’t played them since the days of 4e when I ran them with no transports and plenty of bodies on foot. This will be a change, and I’m looking forward to learning how to make the adjustment, in the steep-learning-curve environment of a tournament. Huzzah!

Until next time, then.

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